Students Experience Entrepreneurial Discipline
The SEED program aids students, faculty and staff in the pursuit of actualizing creative inspiration.

Deep appreciation to our partner institutions, their leadership & sponsors for their generous gifts and guidance.

COcampus’ SEED process is like a roadmap guiding aspiring entrepreneurs turn by turn through state of the art development processes and innovation challenges. SEED was designed over years of research and refinement by entrepreneurs (both student and staff) in real time with the same, real consequences they’ll face in the marketplace. SEED technology and strategies both empower employers and enable any community to support any person with an idea to a tangible conclusion in weeks, not years.

Ideal environments implementing SEED will feature hands-on mentorship from area entrepreneurs, dedicated faculty and, importantly, fellow classmates. Our SEED “banks” provide access to further development assistance and funding via global mentors and advisors, regular competitions, showcases and awards, accelerators, grants and investors, because on a COcampus, “When you COmplete, you COmpete”.

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