Freshman Engineering
 Entrepreneurship Development
Coach House
Restoring a vintage General Motors coach for VIP group transportation, themed charters and special events. Designing solutions including a biofuel retrofit, photovoltaic supplemental power supply, and convertible furniture.

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An arthroscopic surgeon training box to improve technique and quality of surgery performances. It is reusable and easy to track improvements and mistakes through instant feedback applications.

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The Dynalight is a military-grade, magnetic, waterproof, shockproof, and dustproof 2-in-1 flashlight including strobe effect for emergency roadside use.

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SafeLid Fire Pits
Don't feel like waiting for that fire to die out at night?  Do you hate having to deal with wet ashes and firewood? Worried about sparks? SafeLids will spice up any patio with convenience and safety.

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The Bable
An adjustable Bunk/Loft-side table that can adjust up and down while also rotating 360 degrees. When not in use, the Bable can also be folded down and away from the bed for easy storage. 

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CleanSlate by sKetchup
A capacitive touch skin bonded to a low power eInk screen allowing users to draw with their finger, share their screen art in real-time, and message right from the screen without draining phone battery.

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Pregnancy Back Support
A simple, discrete back support that targets and relives the primary causes of pain in pregnant women. Adaptable to fit various sizes.
- thermal therapy
- posture correction
- weight supporting

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A hands-free way to mount your umbrella to your backpack strap so even in the rain you won’t miss a call just because you’ve got a coffee in your hand

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About 100,000,000 mechanical pencils are made in the US each year. Their production is a messy environmental burden, as users tend to dispose of them when only the eraser wears out. We invented “mEASies”, the simple tool to easily punch out eraser refills from large erasers. Eliminating the waste of money and resources.

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Ergonomic Violin Shoulder Rest 
A simple, low-cost, high-yield solution to an age-old problem: how to make violin playing more comfortable on the neck and shoulder.

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Trash Snorkle
Dontchya just hate pulling out a full garbage bag only to have it tear and spill at the last second? 
Trash Snorkle’s got it handled.

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Travel-Ready Display Case
For the quality-conscious slot-car racer, a travel case that unfolds into an attractive display.

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Bridge Over Troubled Douglas
A pedestrian bridge over a high-speed, busy and dangerous street. University has plan, simply needs financing to push project forward. B.O.T.D plans to initiate a Crowdfunding campaign to raise awareness and funding.

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MediMinder is a free application for Android devices that reminds its user when to take their medication. The user will be able to set individual recurring alarms for each of their different prescriptions and track their dosage history.

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Our easy-on, easy-off stand sticks to the back of any mobile device. Enjoy angled viewing with a low-cost, low-profile stand, without having to settle for a case you really don’t like.

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Kinediq Learning Equipment 
Kinediq helps improve student attention span, focus and cognitive development by integrating simple, no-impact sensory stimulation/exercise equipment into the classroom setting. 
Our first designs include:
A Desk
Base Balance 
Modular Tabletop
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