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Stage 3 / Phase 6: Capital

From pioneering fundamental developments in Crowdfunding to designing comprehensive business & marketing plans for mature clients, Phabriq domain experts engineer client processes, growth and exit strategies.

Award-Winning Results

Phabriq has long employed LEAN development principles enabling us to deliver tangible outcomes by committing
to transparent & accountable operations.
No matter the industry or the application, Phabriq contributors
are as diverse in personality and practice as our clients are in
location and culture.

Relevant Experience

Bottom-Line Efficiency

A result of over 20 years clarifying a deep 
and agile practice is that Phabriq offers 
clients a creative process unhampered 
by conventional agency overhead and 
outdated, inefficient business models. 
Phabriq methodology best rewards exploration, fostering 
fluid communication between our clients and contributors,
while lending us more intimate understanding of our client's 
goals, affording faster development cycles and lower budgets.
Extracting critical intelligence from our 
clients before offering solutions produces 
measurable results, and, most notably, the 
continuity of message increasingly important
amid the growing din of interrelated media.



Helping prevent traumatic brain injury from undetected cumulative concussion
The world needs a laugh and these are just the ticket
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[ Entertainment ]
[ Entertainment+Finance ]
Where fans and investors of all sizes can profit from more than a VIP experience
Comprehensive entrepreneurship development technologies and strategies
Nanoscale technologies delivering quality of life “from seed to shelf”
In honorary research fellowship at Middlesex University School of Law and Business, aimed at empowering sustainable economies
[ Healthcare ]
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[ Economic Development ]